how much people could 50 watts of a hybrid amp (vox valvetronix) handle ?
i mean how many people can there be at a gig with a fifty watt amp ?
oh well you get the question
not a very large one. you could play a garage, tops
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you'll have trouble keeping up with the drums, thats for sure. so a small gig probably.
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probably not the biggest show, but if there's a p.a. your amp could be miced, and turned up to keep u with the drums.
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Quote by Trapman870
you'll have trouble keeping up with the drums, thats for sure. so a small gig probably.

with 50 watts ?? and what about the 212 100 watt vt ?
I managed a hall full of 250 people keeping up with the drums. i don't think it could have taken much more.
My 30 watt can drown out my friend (who drums)

it has to b on 8 or higher but meh thats still perty good

then again hes not a very loud drummer.

If you use an amp properly you probably wont need a bigger amp in an enclosed venue. If thers more than 200 ppl youll want a bigger one, i reccomend 120w if you have regular, medium sized gigs (200-600ish ppl)
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Probably any, really. If there's a situation where you would need more volume, the place would probably have a good PA anyway, and you could just mic it up.
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Small clubs, maybe medium.

Nothing over a few hundred people, a thousand tops.

And the PA system really comes into play in the bigger venues. I mean, you could play a 50 in an arena, as long as the PA system was good enough.
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not trying to hijack the thread, but what size of a gig could an 80w solid state amp handle?
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