I just tried recording hallelujah and stairway to heaven covers I did in my bedroom. Im not really very good I've only been playin like 2 and a bit years and I cant really EQ to save my life. Comments appreciated. Enjoy (Hopefully)

instruments on hallelujah were pretty solid.
vocals: you seemed to hold back a lot and you sang pretty quiet. at least you hit most of the notes (even the high parts!)

instruments on stairway were as solid as on hallelujah (apart from the backing track)
vocals were better than for hallelujah as they seemed to come more from the heart.
but you had some problems hitting notes, still there's potential!
Hallelujah - Nice song choice. Your vocals are conveyed very well; it's easy to hear your emotions. If you opened up a bit more, I bet you could hit a lot of the difficult notes. The guitar work is fine.

Stairway - I like this one a lot. The vocals are very good. You sound more confident. Instrumentation is well-done - No complaints there.

Don't worry - Your playing is good. Way better than I was at 2 years, so keep it up. Difficult choices for singers - Jeff Buckley and Robert Plant. But, I think you did ok.

Have a look at mine, if you will: