okay , so its not totally finished just yet , but i just wanted to get some feedback .
the bit before the verse called the "blast harmony" is being changed dw (Y)
ha and its not finished where it ends if you get me ? :/
anywho , im up for some crit for critage so go for it
Metal Song-1.zip
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i seriously love your stuff man, your solos are amazing but your riffs are very technical, well fast actually. liking your style man

cheers guys! yush i like them to be techinical tbh (A) it makes for a challenge and i dont like the idea of being limited to just things anyone could play if you get me?
im guna check yours out now ^^^
but now.. how about some more crits mothertruckers?! :p
This is exactly the kind of music i love. its great.
Loved all the riffs. But about the solos. I dont know what it was, maybee the drums or the rhyhm guitar. or maybee it was just the wrong leads, but i just didnt feel it.
It was a technical good solo, but its not just about technic, its gotta have the feel to.
Cliche title

Anyway though, I thoroughly enjoyed that.

The blast sounds a little odd, but it'd definitely work with real instrumentation, love the first riff and the harmony. Bar 17 sounds really awkward, make the third note a crotchet and the last a quaver. Sounds much better (same applies to bars with a similar rhythm). I like the verse but you need to change the volume levels a bit. Make the second and third guitars louder and the first quieter so you can hear the (pretty nice) riffing. LOVED bars 42 + 43, really nice rhythmic change. You write great drum tracks too

The 'melody' section was great, but go easy on the trem picking.

I didn't like the second verse that much, sounded too forced and very awkward. Dunno what to suggest as to how to improve that, just didn't like it much.

Chorus was good, no problems.

The solo was great too, but what was the point in having a tremelo picked 22nd fret bend when you could just put it on the 24th? It's not like the bend comes back down in the same note. Nice little mario noise too :P:

Everything up to the second solo was fine. Didn't like the second solo, too many nasty sounding bends, but it got better towards the end. Great transition into the harmony section too (though the drums there are a bit simplistic).

The last solo was good but the rest of the band kinda fell apart, change the drums and make the backing guitar ring out more. Also the end was very abrupt. At least have a fadeout or something.
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