I wanna start an online metal band for the pure craic!

I play rhythem guitar, not too good on lead unless its very simple. Done rhythem for about 4 -5 years now.

Wanting to do stuff like... Trivium, Metallica, Machine Head, Inflames

What I need!

Lead Guitarist: hightension01




Someone to mix the stuff

I use Audition to record and I also go through Toneport UX2.

I don't have any sort of messanger so it's gunna have to be done through PM but I can set up a site to upload stuff to other members.
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im so in also been playn guitar for about 4-5 years but i play lead also same kinda music i listen to i love trivium do you like children of bodom and what do you plan to record with i have a horrible way of recording but will work fine

sigh.... i use audacity
u also dont need a site to send us stuff just through yahoo mail it dosent have a storage bar so u can send huge files and we can always get them

listen to children of bodom's Are You Dead Yet that has a great sounding riff and its fun to play not so many hard leads except for the solo which i am still working on
just so you know im not a incredibly awesome lead guitarist but i can play almost anything given a good amount of time to learn it
Quote by System4321

Wanting to do stuff like... Trivium, Metallica, Machine Head, Inflames.

covers or originals?? cuz im fine with either
Originals.If you can record and send stuff for me then sweet go for it lol..

So thats Hightension01 as lead
I can do vocals. I can get the setup to record 'em too.
But I can't sing at all. Just scream. Kind of a Zao/First two Haste the Day cds style. Check out one of their songs.
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I'm a guitar player/singer, I don't have any demo's of my singing right now, but I'll try to get them recorded as soon as I can.


Heres a link to my Bebo site which I have a cover of The Four Horsemen so this is probably what you're looking for. This is just a demonstration of my guitar playing (and my drum programming) as there aren't vocals on this thing yet.
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I'm a pretty advanced bassist, an alright lead/rythm player and I can cover a lot on vocals- I'm part of a Norma Jean, Killswitch Engage- influenced band and also part of a little acoustic duo thing.
Cool cool. Well lets see.....

DeadlockPhotos on bass if your cool with it

poona on vocals and drum programming for now unless we get anyone else
All right. I can do drums with a decent quality recording.
So any of you got any song ideas? I've got a few if interested.
dude i can do either lead or rythm
i play alot of the bands you listed
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Cool. Ill get on with recording up some drum stuff. Would you prefer some big couple of minutes long chunks or something short like a few bars long grooves?

Also do you want it in wav format or mp3 ( or other eg OGG )?
Im game for adding some guitar work/vocals, check out my myspace @ www.myspace.com/nateclaflin and my email is nate_claflin@hotmail.com thx
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Right lets see what we've got..

Me: Rhythem/Riffage etc

Drums:Whipple Sticks


Vokills: Red989

Mixing etc: analblastman

Still need a lead guitarist. Someone who can play stuff like erm... lets see... Aesthetics Of Hate - Machinehead.. that sorta stuff
damn would have loved to do this,,,but alas i play guitar.do a triple guitar attack like maiden hah!
still need another guitar player? let me know send me a sample of some of your stuff and i will play something to it and see if you like it
Yeah, if you wanna do it then great. Ive got something in the works for it at the moment. Wrote a fair bit last night.. Just need to record it tonight and I'll PM you the link. Or PM me an email addy for yourself and I can do it that way