hey, im in a band (link in sig) and right now it's just me (guitar) and my friend (drums).
Well, we both are good singers... and i really don't want another guitarist... so we decided on getting a bassist. But now, my drummer says we should be the White Stripes (don't flame! i like them! ) and just have guitar/vocals... and drums/vocals.
The problem is... will our sound be "Full" enough?? Also, i can't really sing and play at the same time (yet...), but my drummer can. Any advice??
You could check out the link in my sig to hear how we sound now....
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try it? just try it, if it's okay then it's okay
spice up your guitar playing with alternativ basslines and don't forget you got 4 instruments:
guitar drums vocal1 vocal2
it's hard, but you should try it !
You could "cheat" your way through and getting one of those loop stations. I would go with the bassist to even out your sounds, but sometimes a guitar and a drummer can be enough. The Black Keys (<3) are a two man band and they have a huge sound. It can depend on your playing style.

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it depends my band went 6 months without a bassist until i joined, the guitarist compensated with a really bassy sound, according to the rest of the band it was alright but it wasn't a substitute for a full rock rhythm section so going off what my band has said, its doable but it'll sound better with bass,

but i'm gonna say try it and if you feel that its lacking depth then get a bassist if your happy with the way you sound now then why change it
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*this all has probably been said...but im tired and dont feel like reading alot..sorry..lol*

anyway, my band had/still has the same problem. We recently lost our singer/rythem guitarist. He was our 2nd singer, so we have gone back to a trio, with me on vocals, until we find a singer. So most of our solos have been taken out for the time being, so the songs sound more full. So, with that, dont really do solos, and if you do, do them more on the deeper strings.

With singing and playing guitar at the same time. It will take a good while. It has taken me 3 years...and i still mess up here and there(im not much of a singer..lol) Anyway. Some stuff that i did to practice playing and singing was: 1.) of course sing and play. then also, i did some tounge twisters aswell(not singing, just saying them). Another thing that helped me with singing and playing is write some songs to practice(Not to be heard) and have the vocals and guitar been at different timing. That way you can get your guitar and vocals used to going at different times.

hope that helped...or at least made sense...im really tired, i just got off work...ol
Try work out what makes bands like the whitestripes sound good

I'd say you could get away with turning up the reverb a bit on your amp, not loads though but it'd give a bigger sound to start with
you have to make sure your guitar has a full sound, like maybe raise the bass more and for the singing thing: that will just come natural really, just keep practicing and singing.

well, jack white uses a digitech whammy to play bass lines on his guitar, and ithink you can set it to play every note you hit on the original pitch and 1 octave lower. also, in the studio theres a good chances they record more than one guitar track. some bands, like green day, have an extra guitarist for live shows
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you have to make sure your guitar has a full sound, like maybe raise the bass more and for the singing thing: that will just come natural really, just keep practicing and singing.

Dude, my distorted guitar is really FRICKEN bassy. It sucks cause.. if you looked at any of the songs from my band.. "Jam" sounds really awkward when i transition from no distortion to ALOT of it.
I've had a lot of experience when it comes to two pieces like that. What I'm going to say to you is that right now just write and write, and make playing work for the two of you. It sounds like you are uncomfortable bringing in another member, and thats normal and if you aren't comfortable with the idea don't go for it. But just try to work with what you have for the time being, theres only so much you can do. As far as sounding fuller live, thats up to you.