okay so im looking at getting a Peavey Valveking 1x12 combo. i play really all kinds of rock and metal. im very 80's influenced. i play really mostly hard rock really and some metal (Metallica really). ive heard all different things about the Valvekings. i wanna know what you guys think of them. i am on a budget so price is a BIG issue.
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con: you can get better tube amps in the same price range

pro: dunno


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Well I'm getting the Valveking 4x12 100w half stack next week. I think for 900 bucks it is cheap.


Pros : It's loud as hell and with a Tubescreamer it must be bad ass.
It's Cheap.

Cons : I really don't know a lot about it. =/ sorry

But let me tell you that it is a good amp for what you want to play.
i didn't like the cleans on that amp. it didn't have much headroom using a standard telecaster... the lead channel was okay... the distortion wasn't like one of a kind but it's good for the $$$. i would go for a Crate palomino or a Fender Blues Jr. tho.
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I have it, i don't really like it. The cleans are so-so. The distortion only sounds good after it has been played on for about an hour, i think it has to warm up or something, so i play on the clean channel until it's warmed up. I think i'm gonna sell mine and get a used 5150 2x12 combo.
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i actually played one today, cause people on here are always asking about them. it was just meh. nothing really impressed me about it. i didnt crank it or anything, but it just didnt really feel like a tube amp to me. it wasnt as responsive as it should have been, and it sounded a bit flat to me. im sure a nice reverb pedal in the loop could cure some of the flat sound (but not all), so that is an idea. it does get an ok tube tone that can get loud for cheap. not too many higher wattage tube amps in that price range, so thats the main pro. not my favorite amp, i liked the crate palomino i played afterwards a lot better. not as much wattage, but probably a better amp for the price.
Pros: Valve.

Cons: everything else.

In all honesty, they're okay for $400. You'd be hard pressed to find anything new with 50 watts of tube in the price range, but then again, volume isn't the best reason to buy an amp.

For 900 dollars you could get a carvin MTS, hell if you go used, you can get two of them, or a V3. much better than the VK.
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Pro: Cheap tube amp.
Con: Cheap sound.
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