So i've just recently heard of this. I guess it's the 'Everyone kinda needs/wants one but not a whole lot of people even know about them.' Or at least thats what i've gathered.. It may be because im 14% retarded, but thats probably not it.

Anyways. It's $100, which isnt that much. Is this thing really worth getting? Is it going to increase my sound to a point where I say, "man im damn glad i bought this."

I know tone is 85% amp, 5% guitar, and 10% cables, pedals, etc.

But im just wondering if its really worth it. Because ive really been stuck in a rutt lately, i want new drum equiptment which is going to run about $500, i want a multi-effects pedal, new cords, straplocks, and i definitly need new strings too. And that probably all gunna run about $300. Plus im in dire need of a bass amp so that should be aroun $300.

And now i found this and i want it now. Fellas i have way too much GAS, DAS, and some other stuff all in me and I only make $6.25 as a lifeguard at a hotel.

But yeah so forget everything i just ranted on about, is this really worth it for everyday, at home use?
i have noting overly important to say about the sonic stomp

but a multi effects thing and new cables for under 300 is gonna be hard if you want something...decent, kinda good

get single effects!

ok..thats it

i want to try a sonic stomp though...


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Yeah.. i know its gunna be tough, i actually only need like 3 of the 12 footers, And i dont actually need them, its more of an upgrade, i figure something that cheap but it helps with tone and feedback so much, why not get the top quality? so im getting all mosnter cords for the rest of my life, i love them. know what i mean?

But yeah $300 was pretty much just a random number. It will probably be a lot higher, if i ever even end up buying a multi anyways...
The sonic stomp is worth getting, I have it... it'll make the cheapest amp crystal clear... I know everyone who tries it says it's like removing a blanket from your speakers and it is!
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Sonic Stomp is INSANE! it IS like removing blanket off my speakers.
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I've got an OCD from fulltone. Does the blanket thing, and waaaaay more.
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Is it almost like running through a PA system? Because I've noticed that when i run my guitar and effects through my PA, it really cleans and clears up my sound. So will it be like that sort of?