dont know where to put this but oh well.

i just played my guitar for half hour and wen i started play i was like wow! cus ive never sounded like this before and the strings felt like i can vibrato and bend much more easely/better than the last time i played, i wud just like to know wen/how do u know when ur gettin the tone in ur fingers (if u know wat i mean)

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ive lost that feeling cuz ive moved to heavier strings, but when it comes back ill be happy
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I remember the day I picked up a jackson at guitar center, and just ****ing wailed. Incomparable feeling. Those are the moments when all of the exercises , all the practice, and all of the wanting to throw your guitar is worth it.

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i love that feeling man
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ye it feels awsome , im also able to fret alot easyer and faster, and the fret board feels smoother than usual, how long were u gys were playin wen u got this feeling?? ive been playin 1 yr 5 months

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it happens to me when i play along to The Ocean or some other song i know really well all the way through. Then after that and some of my excersises i made up (awesome btw) it feels great to play
I have been playing about 3 months now...not everyday...and its coming together...I can read tabs without a problem and they make sense and the songs are sounding right now...just having a speed problem and changing chords quickly but all in all I am happy
Once I get warmed up, and really into it.. I can play like 5 times better then when I usually just pick up my guitar.... and I seem to play better when its hot out, and with a band.
yea h that feeling comes to me everytime i play Otherside with my band.its like, when we get to the solo, its so intense, and i dont know, the best solo ever just slides to my fingers and i just feel incredibley good at guitar.


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I was playing Estranged by GNR with Guitar Pro and I was playing, until I realised "Holy ****, I can play this!" I'd only been playing for about 4 months and you jus feel... wow