Yeah...our last singer had to move away. So we are looking for another singer...if you join us, you'll be our 3rd.

Okay. We are looking for somebody in the Quad City/Galesburg area, because we live in a small town called Woodhull right in the middle of those to areas. We need you to be able to sing punk, metal and growl/scream on some songs. We are looking for a singer that brings elements of James Hetfield of Metallica, Rob Halford of Judas Priest, and Randy from Lamb of God


we have some recordings on there, they arnt special. Thats another thing, we are tight on money. None of us have real jobs yet, we are looking though. Speaking of which, the preferred age group would be 15 to 18.

Playing guitar would be another plus. We need a rythem guitarist aswell, but right now all of our songs are just one guitar, so if you dont, no big deal.

umm...i think ive covered just about everything...if you have any questions, shoot away