im not new to soloing or improv, but my band or w.e has a progression at the end useing this progression.

the first chord is, G,D,A in a powerchord type form, im not sure what these chords are called, but what type of scales could you use over them?
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Wait, are the chords G5, D5, and A5? In that case, thats in the key of D major.

or are those the notes in the chord? Well, G D A create a either a Gsus2 or a Dsus4 (depending on the root note).

You could use any scale that contains those 3 notes: G D A.

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if its tabbed it looks like this

top three strings
1983 kramer pacer
yamaha eg 112
line 6 spider 2
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G9? Sounds kinda Lynchish, a buncha scales could work over that, depends on what chords you are using with it, and sound you are going for.
Not G9, G9 is G B D F A. This is Gsus2, G A D. The question should be 'what can't I play over this chord' because any scale with those three notes will work.

If you gave the rest of the progression then we might be able to tell you a scale that could fit over the whole thing.
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