Okay, here's the lowdown.
I've been seriosuly considering starting a local, all ages venue in my area because there isn't ANY place to play around here. I have a PA system (Peavey 12 channel mixer, two JBL's, and a few mics). I was jsut wondering, does anybody have any tips or anything they'd like to see in their local venue ?
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I ran a promotion company for a long time. It was rad because I live in a small town about 20 minutes away from a city. Me and a couple friends started something up and we kind of hit an untapped market because there had never been shows in my town before. We had great success and the shows we did were a million tomes better and had way more people than the shows in the bigger city close by. What I'm trying to sya is if theres no place to play, you'll probably be pretty successful in giving kids something to do. We got a ton of bands from all over Canada and the US and that seemed to bring kids in. Look for bands that are touring. There good and they play for a very little amount of money. Also, make sure your flyers dont look like crap and advertise your shows as much as you can. I cant tell you how many flyers ive given out. Good luck!
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Did you read my article sticky in the bandleading forum? Probably not....

There is somewhere to play in your town, you just aren't looking. As far as starting an actual venue, how detailed are you talking? Like an actual business? What about your business plan, market demand, insurance costs? If you are just talking about hosting all ages shows at places:

1. Read my article in the bandleading forum
2. Start looking for places

I have seen people have frequent all ages shows at computer stores, surf shops, paintball arenas, the garage of a tattoo shop, etc. So there is SOMEWHERE to play in your town unless your town has no buildings or electricity.
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Dutch_apples is right. Check out the bandleading forum for all your deranged venue-related needs.
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