i have a ibanez gsr200, thing about putting EMGs in it, its active, im sure thats a given to those reading this, but im wondering if anyone on here has already done this or jsut upgraded the stock pickups. im looking for feedback on the sound and tone quality gained.
in my opion u shoudnt use emg's, they dont give u a real sound, they give u a sound like your listening to someones recording of their own playing, u should use seymour duncan's or dimarizio's pickup's they sound the best, they give you great tone. ive be playing guitar for 7 or 8 years now, & duncans & dimarizio's havent failed me yet, no matter wat u play, theres a pickup that will suit ur style
We can't give you the first clue as to what it will sound like until you tell us what amp you have...and I won't be able to help anyway seeing as I don't play bass, maybe mention that in your post next time?
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thanks devilman that helps a bit, as far as amp i usually play on a small practice amp, but my setup is a galien kruger backline 600 head with a peavey 15