Can You Guys Tell Me What Slayer Songs I Should Listen To Or Album But I Would Like It More If It Was A Songs.........
You tried to type all in caps lock, didn't you.

Go to the metal forum - but don't expect friendly responses with a question this base.
reign in blood. god hates us all. divine intervention. and haunting the chapel i guess
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reign in blood. god hates us all. divine intervention. and haunting the chapel i guess

I thought the God Hates Us All song was called Disciple.....and how can you forget Angel of Death?!
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Any slayer fan deserves an answer,
Whether or not it appears in the proper forum
Best album:
Reign in Blood
Best song:
Angel of death
Best band:
I don't mind s a bit of Slayer from time to time and Christ Illusion was a decent record.
My favourite Slayer songs are:
Angel Of Death
Raining Blood
Spirit In Black
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South Of Heaven
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Get Reign in Blood. No Slayer collection is complete without it.

Angel of Death and Raining Blood are good songs to start with.
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Saw them live yesterday with a lot of other bands. It was aweomse!

They played:
Dead Skin Mask
Eyes of the Insane
South of Heaven
Die by the Sword
Post Mortem
Raining Blood
Angel of Death

That's all the songs I remember.
It was pretty wicked!
Check out this Slayer song:

The Official Metal Recommendation Thread.

It's one of the early demos.

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