i need help getting the correct tone that tony iommi uses for the song planet carvan? please help. what would be better to use, les paul, or strat?
A Les Paul would be closer to the Iommi tone, as he has always used humbucking pickups.

You also need to consider the amp: I don't know what amp Tony Iommi used when he recorded "Planet Caravan" with Sabbath, but he's used all-tube Laneys for a while now.

And also bear in mind that, no matter how aweome the tone of your idols may be (and Iommi is an injured-fingered, light-gauge-stringed GOD), at some point you'll want to do your own thing. Your songs, your tone. So don't go out and buy all the same equipment as Tony Iommi, as you'll never truly sound the same anyway). Buy good equipment that sounds good to YOU, for what YOU want to do.

But it sounds like you're probably not really into the strat sound.
yeah i figured the LP cause he always uses sg's, and yeah laney's are 2 expensive, but i wasn't about to go out and buy all the equipment, but i'm gonna get lighter strings. thanx man