Are these pickups any good? I wanna get a epiphone les paul ultra and i have never heard of these pickups before. Opinions?
i like em. them ultras are purty nice.
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I plan on getting the ultra with a vox 30watt amp and a ds1 distortion pedal, is that a decent set up? im in college so any bigger of an amp is just not do able.
alinco is the type of magnet material they use in the magnets

if they're just alinco, they're pretty low output, alinco by itself doesnt mean much though, there's alot more to pickups than that.

more importantly, what is the dc resistance of the windings? and the inductance of the coil is also important, and are they vacuum wax impregnated to eliminate microphonics? and it also helps to know what you're looking for..

pickups with a lower number of windings, and thus less dc resistance, are usually more vintage-y sounding, and have less output and are usually equipped with weaker alinco or alinco II magnets...
Al-Ni-Co, as in Aluminium, Nickel and Cobalt. It's an alloy that magnets are made out of, generally speaking pickups will contain either an alnico magnet or a ceramic magnet. Alnico II tend to be used in low output, vintage toned pickups, it has the lowest magnetic pull and tends to give a very sweet sound with a touch of brightness. Alnico V is usually found in warmer pickups, and is used for all output levels from vintage to screaming hot. Ceramic magnets tend to have a harsher tone and much more immediate attack and are usually used in high output pickups.
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