Ok, so yeah, I'm posting for my band. Woohoo, right?

Okay, so we've been working on songs and we write them down in guitar pro to keep them around... Well me and the other guitarists have because the bassist and drummer need alot of work hahaha. We're basically mostly progressive metal/metalcore. We have three (omg!) guitarists, a bassist, vocals, and sometimes keyboard/piano. I take care of the lead vocals, sometimes one lead guitar, and sometimes the keyboard.

So this is our latest work, Erroneous And Forlorn. Yes, our band consists of three guitarists, which is awkward for most of us, so bear with the funky colaborations, we're still trying to get used to each other all playing together at once. We have two leads and one rhythm: [assuming you're wearing headphones] you get one lead in the left channel, another in the right, and the rhythm smack in the middle. I am a lead, and my part is the right channel. We each write our own parts, except the drums, I write those, and the bassist gets alot of help from me and the other lead guitarist.

So here's the link for the song: Erroneous And Forlorn

And if you're really interested check us out and add us on myspace, Among All Lies.


Oh, and I should say that there are no songs on our myspace yet hahaha!!... We haven't gotten time to record yet because we're still practicing and because of that, all the songs (including this one) is in guitar pro and, therefore, MIDI. Sorry!
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interesting. sounds like 16 bit sega genesis metal! LMAO! would be good, i imagine, with real guitars and drums and stuff. good visioning! i could never program something that cool in midi, you guys got some midi skills man!
can you get the midi version I can't hear the link you sent.... I have a mac lol
Smile alot today... okay?