I'm currently biddy on a nicer neck for my RG project and wondering what i should do with the old one. I thought it would be a great idea to find a way to make it fit on Yamaha EG112 and get a Licensed FR for it and have it mounted like EVH's (dive only). If I can make the neck fit would there be any sort of problems caused by putting the RG neck on? I think it has a slightly longer scale (24 frets instead of 22, and it looks longer) but I'm not sure. How much work would it take to mount a FR for dive only use? I know I wouldn't have to route out the cavity that lets me pull up on the bar, but would there be any other routing I would have to do? I know I would need to fill the current screw holes for my trem, and drill new ones for the posts.

Just an idea for when I'm done with the RG
If its a longer scale length then you would have to move the bridge I think.
If thats true, then it would take way to much effort haha

I'll just stick with my original plan of making (attempting) it fretless.