I'm having trouble with learning legato.. i've just started learning it lately and i've noticed that i'm fine when doing the legato on the same string but when i go to change strings theres a pause in my playing.. it's like when playing 3 notes per string: 1-2-3-----4-5-6 instead of 1-2-3-4-5-6... if that makes since i dont know but............ any help would be great???
^+1 and go slow first so that pause wont be as noticeble. then it wont be there later on either
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Doing 1-2-3 exersizes with legato will not get you very far.... Anyone can hit their fingers in order on their guitar.... Why not try alternative exersizes eg

E 1 h 3 p 2 h 4
E 3 h 7 p 5
A 3 h 7 p h
D 4 h 7 p 5
G 4 h 7 p 5
B 5 h 8 p 7
E 5 h 8 p 7 h 10 p 8 h 12 p10 h 14 p 12 h 15

P= pull off

3 octave G maj scale in thirds!
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Frank Zappa's not dead. He just smells funny.
I've just overcome a similar problem myself, just need to polish it up. What I do is not let my fingers stay in one place. I anticipate where it's going to go next; if I use three fingers on one string before going to a different string, before I'm finished playing that last note, one of my fingers is already waiting to fret the other string.

Might take a little practice. All just thinking ahead.