my band is playing at our school battle of the bands in a little over a month but we are playing at a venue with all seats with an area up the front for moshing but the school is to stingy to hire some security guards to control the crowd so what can i do as lead guitarist/singer to get the crowd going?
...security guards for school?

check out KoRn from 1995...ill post a link to something, do what they did back in the day
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call and repeat, tell them they're nice, a great audience, etc.
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Uh, let's see...there's the classic "audience clapping" or the "hands in the air", theres the "only audience sings", talking to them e.g "Do you like ROCK N' ROLL?!?!" bit. I saw a singer point to a crowd and they'd say "YEAH!". Wherever he pointed, that part of the crowd said "YEAH!". I don't know very many tricks, but hope that helps.
Would your school tolerate a small amount of swearing? Because a little french goes a long way... Have aLOT of energy when you go up there, show you have all this energy, run around having a great time, scream into the microphone things that would normally be whispered, just go nuts, you may look a little arrogant, but if your going to stand there with your face glued to your fretboard the whole show, everyone else is gonna be the same way....
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