Ive been practicing alot without my guitar connected to an amp, when I strum the strings, I find I can always hear the plastic pick, making a plasticly noise on the strings, so its not just the noise of the strings I hear, so it doesn't sound to good, any ideas how I might be picking wrong? I know I could drown it out with the amp, but if I want to start playing acoustic guitar, Its gonna sound awful, any advice will be much appreciated,
if your playing electric guitar, it shouldnt matter
your not exactly going to go play a gig without an amp
but if you play acoustic you could always finger pick

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You're always gonna hear that. Always.

If it bothers you that much, try using finger picks (those half sized picks.) or just take whatever pick you use and hold it so the tip just barely sticks out past your thumb. If you just barely graze the string, you'll strum it rather than pluck it. It's just a little tricky to do for beginners.
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It doesnt seem to happen to other guitar players ive watched, its kinda annoying!!!
Should I angle the pick down, straight or up on a downstroke?
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try to keep it a right angleto the strings
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