i have been learnin for just over a year now but i seem to have this problem moving along the fretboard quickly to play a note at the other end. so can anyone recommend any fairly simple riffs/tabs that have a lot of this in so i can crush this problem once and for all.

a good example is the intro riff in bloc party - hunting for witches

oh and it doesnt matter what style as its purely to improve my skill

Megadeth - Hanger 18.
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Take that riff, the one from "Hunting for Witches" and use that. That's a perfect riff for this.

Take it slow though. Use a metronome. If you're using PowerTab or GuitarPro, awesome. I know this will be monotonous, but set it at half the tempo. Play it a couple times. Speed it up maybe 10 beats. Play it again. Speed it up. Play.

It's just a matter of practice, as always.

As for other recommendations:
Roulette by System of a Down seems like it would be a good choice

The intro of "Daggers Through the Heart of St. Angeles" by alexisonfire would probably also be a good pick. But as I mentioned before, start slow and build up speed.
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Some times the beginning is tabbed to go from 2 to 7 and it's a easy song