anyone know one which is safe to download off limewire?or a free trial which lets you convert more than 60 seconds!

thanks guys!
Umm no it won't, and you won't find a program that will convert it. Because MIDI is not Audio.
yeah there are converters actually..I've downloaded several but all of them only let you convert 60 seconds unless you pay for the full version
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midi is not audio so it cant be converted to mp3 you have to play it and record it.

Pretty sure the "converter" would just use the Microsoft wavetable synth to convert it to mp3...
You aren't converting, you are just recording the playback of microsoft's wave synth player. You aren't converting the file is what I'm saying. It's a common misconception amongst everyone (myself at one time) that MIDI is audio because when you open a MIDI file you can usually hear it being played back.

You can look at a MIDI file as being digital sheet music, its just all the notes with note values and the type of instrument. When you open that file with some sort of audio file it's usually using the microsoft synth to read and playback the information stored in the midi file. However without any kind of synth to interpret the midi file you will not hear anything.