if you could have any actual guitar i dont mean the model or anything but like the guitar that page wrote the solo for stairway to heaven on or the one that jimi hendrix played purple haze with at woodstock

i would have the guitar that brian may played the national anthem on top of buckingham palace with that was cool
Michael Angelo Batio's 30 fret Rocket Guitar that he uses in Speed Kills
the original dean from hell, the 1 dime actually played not the reissue
ya mums! Gosh im witty
I'd probably go for the original frankenstrat aswell.
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I absolutely love joe satrianis's Ibanez white guitar. I'm not into white guitars... but that one certainly got my atention.
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Yeah MAB's quad guitar for me.
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Seinfeld: The Video Game

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Either Peter Green's Les Paul (which I think ended up with Gary Moore?) or Joe Perry's Les Paul (the one that Slash had for a while).

Actually, forget those, I'd take Clapton's Fool SG. That'd be awesome!
buckethead's white les paul of DEEEAAAAATTTTTTTTHHHHH!!!!
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Dime's Dixie Rebel (The one with the wavy flag, not the static one)
Kirk Hammett's ESP "Danger" MII
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I'd probably want the guitar that Hendrix set afire. Even if I can't play it.
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The Eddie Van Halen's Bumblebee Frakenstrat that was buried with Dimebag.
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I think I read somewhere that Zappa (at least I think it was) had Jimi's burnt guitar rebuilt.

Don't know if that's true though.