im bored and have nothing to do so hit me up with some songs you think need to be tabbed or retabbed cause the other ones suck
According to wiki FAP really stands for familial adenomatous polyposis, a type of colon cancer.
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Incident on 57th street,Lost in the flood and ummm Jungleland all by bruce springsteen.
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the full brian kahanek--gemini and zakk wylde--farewell ballad..........both in guitar pro format. if you could do that, i would be forever grateful
lotus feet. john mclaughlin. good luck.
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If you could make the first tab for The Ministry Of Lost Souls by Dream Theater then you are amazing.
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Either SRV's 'traffic jam' or the opening riff to zico chains 'where would you rather be'.
Well if you're really that bored, you could be very kind and try tabbing Velvet Revolver- Slither or Dirty Little Thing for me Thank yoooou

You look just your mother...

You look just like your father...

Forgive him our father...

Your Son is smiling...