I have built myself a nice little fanbase, mostly friends, but im starting to get across to more people.

I have a pretty extensive collection of songs which I could perform live, 30 or so. Problem is, my act is mostly classical, (but with some slightly industrial elements) meaning that finding gigs will be quite difficult.

Im planning to play live with a string quartet accompanying me, as well as an ambient sound & percussion backing track. I personally switch between piano, keyboards and electric violin for songs.

so where should I start? Im really stuck at the moment. should I go down the popular music route, and try to get support gigs, or should I go down the classical route?

I would easily be able to change my performance for either.
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having no experience with gigs im probably not the best person to listen to, but i'd say go with whatever gigs you can get, even if it means the traditional "popular music route" as you call it. any type of exposure for you has to be good
Do what you wanna do. If they don't wanna give you a gig then screw them. Or tell them you're gonna play some pop music or something, then whip out your classic stuff. That probably wouldn't go too well though.
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