I'm changing the Pickup Configuration In My RG Series Ibanez, and I just want A single Humbucker and the Vol & Tone, I Can't find a schematic, they are all for four wire Humbuckers and this has a Red, White, And Bare Wire... Does anyone have a Schematic or anything that I Can use?
red is probably hot, white and bare are both ground. can you figure it out from there?
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Eh, No, I'm not very good with the terminology... And i don't know where to connect them on the pots, I can read schematics though.

Just replace black with red, green with white, and put your bare wire to ground along with the white.

Ignore the red&white wires they show tied together, those would be for a humbucker that can be coil split, and yours most likely doesn't do that.
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