Hello guys!

I'm gonna buy myself a Hagstrom guitar, but can't figure out what the main difference is between the models "Swede" and "Super Swede".
Does anyone know what the major differences are?

Here are their specs:

Swede: http://www.hagstromguitars.com/swede.html
Super Swede: http://www.hagstromguitars.com/superswede.html

I'm also interested in the Select swede series (those colors are so nice!)
but also can't tell what differs them from the others.


Thanks for helping out a beginner!
Different top woods for one.
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Ah, I see!
Do they differ much in sound?
Does the topwood has anything to do with this (I am new to this after all )

Thanks for the help!
I imagine the superswede would sound slightly brighter with the maple top.

Other differences - the swede has a tone filter toggle but the superswede has a coil tap instead and one has a shorter scale length (same as a Les Paul) and the other a longer one (same as a Strat).
You couldn't have just read the site and figured that our yourself?