Can anybody post some ideal metal songs to learn? I hate learning songs I already know (as in have listened to), so can people post some of their favourites to play? I've been playing for about 4 years, I'm bored, and need a new challenge. Two rules: NO IRON MAIDEN and NO METALLICA, I own all of their discographies, and have listened to all their songs.

bed of razors by children of bodom
13 steps to nowhere by pantera
in the name of god by dream theatre
I've developed a complex where everytime I hear a Lamb of God song, I burst out laughing

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I don't whether you like them, but check out Slayer - Cult.

I was just listening to it on the ESP Guitar website, then I learnt some of the riffs.
Pretty cool song.
Devin Townsend-Suicide, Earth Day
Strapping Young Lad-Far Beyond Metal
Nevermore-Acid Words
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fermented offal discharge - necrophagist
theres your challenge.

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Try some other stuff, maybe damn right i got the blues - buddy guy or rumble in brighton- stray cats, play more than just metal, try some jazz or rockabilly, it'll help you out more than you think, and help make your playing interesting and diverse, but if you HAVE to play metal, try some suicidal tendencies, i saw your mommy is a good one.
If you r looking for a songs that have cool sounding Rhythms and Solos that really sound awesome u have to check out. Tell me if decide to play one of these k?

"Dont Tell Me You Love Me" by Night Ranger

"Bark At The Moon" by Ozzy Osbourne

"Trail of Broken Hearts" by Dragon Force < (has a really awesome solo)
Learn something by Death.
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the leper affinity - opeth

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Great suggestions, especially the Slayer one, I'm really liking that sort of sound

You need to attempt to learn Sworn To The Black by Morbid Angel.