Im getting a Peavey VK Halfstack in about 3 months or so. I was wondering how the gain channel is? How high gain can it get? I play alot of diffrent styles mosty EARLY metallica, and Rhandy Rhodes era Ozzy. Am i covered by the stock gain or will i need a tube screamer to push more gain? Thanks
People say its a low gain amp but i had the 212 and it could easily do metal by itself but it can get kinda tinny and muddy sounding
It should be able to cover your needs, if not, you can always stick an OD pedal in your rig as a booster
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Not too great to be honest- I'd get a smaller combo so you can crank it to get the best possible gain out of it, although beware because problems have occurred- check in the forums and someone explains their analysis of it after a year or so I think
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Cranking it aint a problem dude. I live in georgia out in the boondocks aint nothin out here but tractors and deer. But ok ill grab a overdrive. Any specific recommendations?
For an overdrive check out Maxon OD808 or the Ibanes TS9 or 808. They are good for metal, because the VK can barely get into the hard rock spectrum of gain from my experience.
Windsor + OD + Good Cab (not the Peavey one) = Valve King pwnt
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Ok so ive search a bit and a ts9 run through the amps dirty channel will drive it into a more gainy region of goodness? Also youve peaked my intrest in the windsor whats that amp got to offer?
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I play alot of diffrent styles mosty EARLY metallica, and Rhandy Rhodes era Ozzy.

The Windsor's a better amp than the Valveking, and much better for you as it's voiced like an 80's Marshall. Yes, it's only one channel, but that'll just help to make you a more versatile guitarist as you learn to use the volume knob on your guitar to clean up your sound.

The VK is not a high gain amp, and is really rather mediocre as far as tube amps go. And even that's being generous. I wouldn't buy one, that much I know.

Peavey speaker cabs aren't the best. If you go with either of these amps, you should probably go with just the head and find your cab elsewhere. A used Marshall 1960 would probably be best, but a wide selection of cabs -even a budget cab from place like Avatar- would probably be better than the Peavey.

Go with the Windsor.
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