Ooooh I like I dunno why, but it reminds me a bit of Sugar We're Going Down by F.O.B....but better I like the slight sad tone to it. I find the whole thing has a nice crunch to it

You look just your mother...

You look just like your father...

Forgive him our father...

Your Son is smiling...
It seemed very emo, modern punkish and if thats what you were going for you nailed it. I dont personally care for that kind of music, but you seem to, and you got the style down pat.
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i've never heard of the sick puppies but i agree with yourmum, it does sound like the fall out boy type of tone

i'm guessing the sick puppies are along that line of music genre?

i still like it though =)

it's got a good vibe with all the other instruments