I was wondering what was the best and cheapest pedal to buy to enable my les paul to sound good while playing the fratellis etc?

What amp do you have? You could try and get that sort of sound out of that.
And maybe something like a Boss BD2.
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^ First step to a better tone: New amp. A nice, shiny pedal won't help you at all if you're playing through that amp.
What amp would you reccomend that is good but also does not break the bank?
Weeell... I don't really know the Fratellis at all, or their guitar styles. Any other good examples of the sort of tone you want?
i hear marshall MGs are an obvious choice, but baaad. i lurve my zoom only £80, its waay loud enough for practice, and really nice sounding

EDIT: NME says jon uses a boss BD-2 and MT-2, but theyre quite expensive. mid ground=DS-2? the turbo I mode is pretty OD-ish, and II is epic. i can tell you how to easily make a footswitch for it too

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