Okay this only the second song I have written. It is a Christian song. IT is still a work in progress.

Verse 1

I can walk into the room
You act like I'm not even there
I try to be friendly
But you just give me a blank stare
Don't think I can't here you whispering
With all of you friends
But the truth is
I don't really care


Because we're God's precious children
He loves us all no matter of our fame
Don't matter if we're tall
Don't matter is we're short
God still loves us all
Don't matter if we're Black
Don't matter if we're White
We're still precious in his sight.
Because we're God's Children

That’s it for now. I know it’s not much but just wanted to see you guys liked it enough for me to keep on writing more. Please don't hold back tell me what you think. Thanks