Hi! Im gettin new guitar, so I have question about floyd rose+locking nut. I've heard that tuning fr guitars is so damn annoying.. so, for example: do i have to always open the locking nut when i want to tune like from normal E tuning to dropped C?
Please be nice to me, im new on these fl tremolos and locking nut things D
If you are going to change tuning alot, then dont buy a FR. Its not worth the hassle tbh. If you wanted to you would have to undo your nut then adjust the trem. And that involves a bit of fiddling, which you dont really want to have to do on stage.
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^^ yeah hes right its easiest to leave guiyars with floyd roses in one tuning, otherwise u have to adjust the tension of the springs which is a faff on. so if u really want one, my advice is to leave it in one tuning.
As the gentlemen above me stated, only get an FR if you are going to stay in one tuning.

However, you may be able to go into drop-d using fine tuners, but that's it.