Ok, so I'm writing a very simple song for fun and to improve. I want to be able to solo in it with E minor pentatonic. But this is where I'm confused. To make the solo work over the chords, would I be restricted to the chords E, G, A, B, D? These are the notes in the E minor pentatonic scale, and from my understanding to make it sound alright its a good idea to stick to the notes of the scale for your chords.
Also, how would I do a cliched progression that would involve a VI or VII, when it is a pentatonic scale? And how do I know whether these chords (presumably E, G , A B D) are minor, major or 7th or diminished or whatever?

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you could use the blues scale
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E natural minor scale Em F#/Gbdim G Am Bm C D

I just found this.. would this be the chords I could use? I couldn't find it for the pentatonic.
If I used Em, G, Am, B and D that would fit in right?
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Any chords from any key which has the notes of the E minor pentatonic would be fine, It'd work best over a key that naturally resolves to E than one that resolved to say C for example. All the chords should fit as they are diatonic to E minor and so is the E minor pentatonic. And just btw it's F# dim because there's an F# in the E minor scale not a Gb.
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Ok thanks.
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