Well, i dont know Limewire, but if there is like, a "comment thingy" on the file, read that that is the best thing you can do
Get a bit torrent client, there is always comments about that, and infected files are getting busted not that i would use one, but i think thats the way it goes
lol... even if u downloaded it off lime wire u still have to buy it
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cyclobs you are demented..... in a good way
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^ you should tell him how you did it

i bought it >_> <_< yup thats what i did
well, I'd download things larger than 5MB =], and the ones with less than 100 odd sources... and get a serial code from lets say.. seriall.com... If I was doing it hypatheticaly

I would never do this, because it is B.A.D. and i buy all my stuff =]
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