Okay, I know there's a thread here that explains how to make pedal boards and all, but here's the thing...

I'm DYI retarded.

I would really appreciate if you all could give me step by step instructions, sort of like...holding my hand through the whole process.

I really just want to make a pedalboard/case so I don't have to transport everything seperatley and risk getting them damaged.

Thank you.
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you are DIY retarded. you even misspelled it.

PM twostring.
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Well, you could go the cheap easy way like I did and get a piece of wood big enough to fit your pedals, attach velcro to it and the pedals, and call it done.
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i saw a band play and they just had all of thier pedals nailed to a skateboard deck haha.
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you are DIY retarded. you even misspelled it.

I think he misspelled it purposly as a joke, hence the