hey ive been playing in drop c a while i use 11-49 gauge but i get more tone out of the 10-52 gauge i was wondering what everyone uses in drop c?
you should check out the ernie ball detuning strings. i have never heard of them but i heard they were really good with any kind of drop tuning.
I use Hybrid Slinkies on my SG (9-46) and the Dimebag DRs (10-52) on my EC-1000. I wouldn't recommend going lower than 10s on the top string because I used to use 9s and tuned to drop C one day and it sounded horrible so I had to go higher to the hybrids.
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yeah those are my favorite the 10-52 dr's.... i can play a little faster on the 11's because the heavier strings are lighter but with the hybrids you have lighter tops heavy bottoms... which has more tone. Hard to find though. Guitar center here just now got them in. Lots of small music stores around here dont even have the hybrids anymore. Seemed like 2 years ago they were everywhere.
I would say .011s are the bare minimum for Drop C.
Personally, I would go for .010s to .056s
yes, skinny top heavy bottom fun.
i use d'add xl .11's on my ec1000. i would go lower, but my musical taste has changed and i find that i like to stay in e standard or drop d to work on a wider variety of genres. i also use .10s a lot, so i don't have to adjust much when i put on .11s. but yeah, you shouldn't go lower than .11