Straight edge hardcore band out of Texas. Currently on the great up and rising label Words of War Records with the likes of At Half Mast, The Carrier, Maintain, Harder The Fight and The Effort. Released their debut EP "Redifinition" on 7" and CD. If you're into the other bands on Words of War, check out On My Side.

On a side note, their default picture on their page is really cool :].
Although the words generic might spring up when one listens to this particular band they do have "it" going on in the terms of being able to play a more traditional style of hardcore punk, Secondly I then can ask myself how long have they been together? The whole sound is great more experimenting can bring their sound to a whole new level and maybe something new(post-hardcore). At any rate the band manages to stay very true to what the hardcore sound is about, just evolution is all you can ask for from these kinds of bands.
"Life is just a ride... just a ride" - Bill Hicks