Okay, So i got a Zoom G2 and i dont like it...So im going to start buying pedals. I was thinking of getting a Boos Fuzz or DynaDrive first. Then after one of those...i dont know. I was thinking of Tremolo then Flanger and then maybe Delay.... But anyways. I Listen to like Pink Floyd...Wolfmother...Ledzeppelin ad Matthew good band. Any segestions on what to get. i was thinking of like... tops 300 for each pedal...cause i know delay is alot...Well the one i saw
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Well if you're willing to spend that much per pedal I suggest looking into slightly higher end makers like Fulltone, Maxon and companies of that nature.
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300 USD? behringer ftw!!

depends what you play....
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i just put that in there :p Pink Floyd, Zeppelin, Wolfmother... Matthew Good Band...Rolling stones (abit...but enough)
With that type of budget, I suggest you look into the higher-end/boutique pedals.

The first thing that comes to mind is Fulltone, RMC, Electro-Harmonix, etc.
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