What would you recommend. I know line 6 gets a lot of **** for being a solid state, but the 75w version of the spider 3 actually sounds pretty decent.
I want an amp that can cover every genre of music. Which is why I was looking at a Line 6. I know I'm not going to get the best sound possible.
I would go with a carvin SX series of some sort. If you're going to go SS, you might as weel get a good one. It's miles ahead of an MG or similar, and it's cheaper too.

I don't think it get flack because it's mediocre compared to a tube amp. because almost ANY SS amp is mediocre compared to a tube amp. More like it get flack because compared to even an SS amp, it's really compressed, with a lack of any kind of varying dynamice.
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I couldn't care less if it were solid state or tube, I just want to get a decent amp that can cover a lot of genres of music without having to spend a ****load of pedals.
i've owned a spider II 75 watts....and please don't get it. try the flextone series if your set on line 6.
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cube 30 or cube 60

i got the cube 60 and play my ibanez prestige thru it
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