This is a game where you post links between your fav bands

Opeth keyboardist Per Wiberg plays the intro for the song Enemy Within by
Arch Enemy whose bassist Sharlee D'Angelo played in Sinergy who Children of Bodom guitarist Alexi Laiho played for.

This probs wont work but im bored.

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children of bodom is from sweden. so is stratovarius.

stratovarius toured japan once

in flames played in japan

anders friden (of in flames) wore a guns n roses shirt on this one vid

everyone likes guns n roses

Children of Bodom are from Finland

Kerry King played a few shows for Megadeth in the 80's, and Dave Mustaine of Megadeth used to play in Metallica, but he was replaced by Kirk Hammett who played in Exodus whose former singer Steve Souza originally sang in Testament, but he quit to join Exodus and was replaced by Chuck Billy, and now Chuck Billy and Steve Souza both sing for Dublin Death Patrol.