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me and my band are down to the desperate level for a band name. we are horrible at coming up with things. if anyone has any band names they are willing to allow me to use that would be much loved. sorry if this is in the wrong section but i found it most fitting for what i saw. Our band is a hard rock group that plays bands such as...

Velvet Revolver
Guns N Roses
Stone Temple Pilots


please help would be much appreciated.

Thank You
Penis Breath would be good...

to actually contribute though.....Oh, the Irony. That always sounded like a good band name to me for some reason
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Cause there music is heavy.

Writing music is hard D:
GibsonGuy180 you said -

we are horrible at coming up with things.
ummm... are you sure that you should even be in a band then?? All you can do is play covers.

how about - deeper the better.
Phailure? would be a good band name.
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Seal cub clubbing club =P
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Seal cub clubbing club =P

love it ^

everbody seems to have *The* before their names nowdays, hows about The Noise Polluters?
flip to a random page in a dictionary and point your finger randomly on a word...

that's what incubus did...
I always liked Asphyxia for some reason. Or Maybe Coffin Dance. Dunno. I got mine and I ain't sharin'.

Seriously, Good Luck though.

Honestly, people, names don't matter as much as everyone makes them out to. Who would have thought that bands with stupid names like "The Beatles," "Led Zeppelin," and "AC/DC" would be succesful?

What I would do is sit down and write and anthem that would pretty much personify what you feel the band is. What would you name that anthem? What images or words pop into your head while playing it?
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how about La Sombra, it's spanish for the shadow, i thought that was pretty cool, or people who know me know i have a passion for the band name Testiclees (test-uh-cleeze), or maybe Castle Of Clay, it's a lyric from one of my favorite songs by one of my favorite bands, or An Hero/ the an heros, haha that would be funny, or Benoit The Baby Killer after that psycho wrestler who killed his son(a baby, i think) and his wife, that'd be tits, that's all for now, pm me if you want some real creative names
how about "Jesus was a Jew"? that would appeal to the Contemporary Christian crowds as well as my grandmother, who is also jewish.
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Farty Party
Maggots from Hell
The Nightcrawlers
The Daywankers
The noon spooners
Ass monkey
Pubic hairs
The sucklets
anus maximus
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Jerry and Spectacular Duo?

but seriously how about a name like Stiltskin?
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United Anarchists(?)
Renegade Ass-munchers(lol)
Static Guilt(again....?)

these are just off the top of my head
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lol... go go word of the day

Desideratum-- this one is actually cool and could work... it means something that is desired or necessary.

or to fit in with all the other UG people

The Queefs
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My vote goes to this one.
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The musician ads thread is NOT for band names

theres a sticky in the promote your band thread about band names

use that one and if you find it unsatisfactory take it up with a mod or somebody with power.
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I always though Green Day was the most random name ever.
If the one word in dictionary thing doesn't work, type in all the names of the band members in a scrambler thing (can't think of the word) where it rearanges the letters to make new words...
What... My abnds name would be Stinker then...
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flip to a random page in a dictionary and point your finger randomly on a word...

that's what incubus did...

i alwasy wondered how they came up with that

what does incubus mean anyway?
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