Alrght, it's been awhile since i recorded anything, but i just gt a new computer that has decent recording capabilities.

Who am i kidding, this computer is badass. I'm doing a solo project for fun now, so it is actually me singing. I would like comments on my voice over the guitar, of which i was not quite paying attention to.

I recorded this for the One Take Acoustic Contest. Literally, one take, mistakes exist.


Crit for Crit.
It was good man! The only few things that I saw wrong with it was that The chord changes seemed REALLY strong. Like when you changed from a c to a d, it was like you really pushed on the strings. The only other problem was that in the high vocal parts, your vocals seemed to break up a bit, but its not a major problem.
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First of all, I love this song! I thought you did a very good job covering it. Your voice really fit this song well, it sounded really relaxed. I would agree that your first strum on each chord was kind of hard, but it wasn't a big deal. well done.