Okay, so about 3 or 4 months after I got my AVT50 combo, the Orange Tiny Terror came out. I was so pissed cuz bothy those amps are 500 bucks, but the Terror is SOOOOOOO much better. So I've decided to sell my AVT and get the Orange. What are some good 1x12 cabs to go with it? Thanks in advance!
Isnt the TT like 650?
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^ It's generally $550.

And the Orange 1x12 comes to mind! I'd probably get away from the V30 if I were getting a cab just for the TT, though. On the cheap, maybe an Avatar with a Celestion Greenback. You can even get them with orange tolex!

Make sure you specify 16 ohms, that's what the TT prefers. I'd go with the open back, but if you play metal or just prefer a tighter bottom end, you may prefer it closed.
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