IT's actually easier to learn guitar at a young age than start at say, age 16. Pretty cool vid though.
he can play it better than me
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Writing music is hard D:
It's not that special. These days there are loads of very young kids who are good at various instruments, sports, etc.

With the level of talent in todays world people need to start younger to become the best anyway

An if you believe in evolution then obviously we are still getting smarter and smarter, so young kids learning guitar isn't surprising
well i thought it was pretty cool.
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That guitar is literally bigger than him

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It actually sucks. I'm not saying I'm so much better or he's a n00b, but it wasn't good...maybe the fact he was singing messed him up...

But for 6 years old I guess it's pretty impressive.
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I wish I would of started learning guitar younger.
But it's "prodigys" like that who peak in their skill/talent too early, then end up being average guitarists when they get older. I'm not saying that that is true all the time, but it does seem like it decently often.
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