I don't know much about them, but The song Promised Land is amazing! They do songs with Edguy too. They sound a lot like Iron Maiden.

Please suggest songs and albums.

And open discussion.
Ya they rock. I just bought Devil's ground. Awesome band.
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what do you mean, do songs with edguy?

anyway I don't think they sound like maiden at all... more a hell of a lot like judas priest.

except I like them much better, primal fear rules \m/
eeeeeeeeexcellent band, the best Judas Priest since the original. I'll see them this december.

Die Sonne graut dem Morgen
Morsch sind Baum und Pfad
Die Sonne graut dem Morgen
mir ist kalt...
wow 2 years old, sorry but have to bump this. This band is amazing, my 2 favorite bands are Iron Maiden and Judas Priest, I now have 3. If you guys haven't heard of them go listen to them right now!!
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