Instrumental rock/electronica song I wrote. It's the third one down.

The name is a really lame play on words that refers to the beat of the song.

Crit for crit, as always.

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I really liked this! The effect on the guitar was really ****in cool. Has that industrial/sludgey something or other feel that was just really cool. The riff is badass. I'm with the guy above me - the drums are distorted, maybe thats how you meant it, but I think it makes it harder to listen to. I'd fix them.

I can totally hear some keyboard parts being added to this just to give it a little bit more depth. I think that could help improve it even more - its great already.. I just think keys, like some string parts, would do wonders for this, even if they are just subtle background chords.
Sounds pretty good. Lovin' the riff. The drums are a bit too loud which is causing them to distort a bit. Turn them down a bit and it will give it a 100x better sound. It lacks something in the background. Like another Rhythm section. I think some Synth would work on this - It would take it to a whole new level.

Good Work

Flap it and enjoy yourself...

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i loved the use of panning at the start! once the drums come in it all becomes a bit distorted, but thats ok. i like the heavy beat. i dont know too much about this genre cos i dont listen to it much, but it sounds good as far as i can tell. i like it!

Interesting Intro.
Drums are WAY too Distorted - sortof wrecked the song for me.
Without the drums (or re-record them), this would of been pretty sweet!
The guitarist does a Great Job!

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thanks for the crit
the guitar riff is awesome and the tone on it is great as well
the distortion on the drums didn't really bother me, but I thought the beat should have changed a little more in the beginning. cool stuff you did with the panning on that riff at around 1:30. reminds me of electronic zeppelin. good work!
I love the riff, great way to get a kinda of synth like sound on the guitar as well (unless you did use a synthesiser). Great use of pannig as well like has been said. The drums sound really huge (which is good for this music) sligthly distorted but i didn't mind. Did get a bit destracting later on in the song. I you ought to turn the bass up, you want a really thumping line to go with the riff. But overall grate song.

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