lifes a garden, dig it
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I know this Jewish guy who pierced his asshole.
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lifes a garden, stop making shitty threads.

Beyond cool!
Why are we so wicked indecisive
Let's hit the streets with toy explosives
And let's enjoy what we have
Honestly, it's on Comedy Central. It's old. It's still kinda funny. The end.
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if i were you id change my name from kicken wing to kickin ass

that made me lol the first 4 or 5 times
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why are metal musicians prone to fatness?
Cause there music is heavy.

Writing music is hard D:
You like to see homos naked?

i love that movie
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Hey baby, is that a mirror in your pocket or am I stabbing you repeatedly in the face?

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You don't own shit.
Haha, I vaguely remember that movie.
My brother owns it, and we watched it one day. I remember I laughed pretty good at it though.
i look down at my hands,
like they were mirrors.
I love when he is carrying the hitchiking sign..."Won't Kill You" hahahaha
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"By the way my name is Marcus. But if you like you can call me Sensei."

American Idol - or as I call it, the Gong Show Rip-Off

According to #Yeezuz, Kanye West is a god. As if I needed more reasons to be an atheist.
I see it on Comedy Central every so often, that movie is actually pretty funny.
On the way to god don't know
my brain's the burger and my heart's the coal