title basically, dont tell me to goto a GC and play them and see, cause i aint got one near me.

Do the explorers play like any other gibson? Like an SG or les paul? Are the necks just as thick? Thanks.
That's what I was wondering. I was looking at some agile explorers, and I love the look. It would make sense if they had a thinner neck and all that.
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Explorers have kinda chunky necks, like Les Paul-style. They might take a little bit of tweaking to your technique to play them sitting down. I personally love the things, and would like to get one at some point.
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My friend who has an Explorer says they are very similar to the V in tone and such. And from what I can tell from playing on it a bit, the neck is pretty similar to the Les Paul's.
les paulish neck, feels great, perfectly balanced

i wish i could afford one
played an epiphone goth explorer today, felt great, had that les paul type neck, good fret access. seemed like a good guitar.
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