Peavey Milestone III
Squire standard jazz

Which bass guitar should i get?
Ibanez all the way. Then yamaha, then squier.
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Ibanez all the way. Then yamaha, then squier.

+1, The statement sums it up pretty damn well. Although, I've never played a Zodiac, so I can't comment on their playing.
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i prefer the squier jazz standard, not the affinity though.....

go to a store and try them before buying...
Whatever you do don't get the Yamaha - I can't stand their cheap basses - absolutely horrible.
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most beggining packs' basses are actually a piece of crap, and, in that range, i think the squier is the best way to go...
If you have musical experience (eg you play guitar) try them and see which you prefer, if you don't whatever you buy isn't going to really matter but the Squier is probably the best bet due to the modding possibilities.
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so ibanez?
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i love my mexican fender jazz but i don't know what the squiers are like, i hated my squier P bass. go try them all out and see what you think
I'd also have to go with the Squier Jazz, though if you can afford it, go with the vintage modified series, they have limited color options, but sound and play great, and are built very well in my experience
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Whatever you do don't get the Yamaha - I can't stand their cheap basses - absolutely horrible.

I think the opposite. Their low end basses are amongst the most competetive in the market.
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I had a Squier Affinity Jazz bass and it was just fine. It played well and had no issues and never broke. I'm not sure what people are expecting out of $300 Asian made basses (non-Korea or Japan), but my Squier was fine.
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i have a lend of my friends squier affinity jazz and i have to say its one nice bass
Is the Milestone III the model with jazz pick ups? I've got one, it plays real solid.

I definitely wouldn't recommend a Zodiac, I've played, not a fan of. The Squier will be as solid as any other bass on that list, but no matter what you get, none of them will be extremely impressive.

I say go Milestone or Squier Jazz.
I'll go with the squier.
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i like a musicman stingray but the price is a bit high, so i bought a jazz bass but not from fender it is from Jim Harley, it onlay costs $300
Go Milestone III. Solid body, wide range of tones are achievable and very reliable!

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I can't comment on most of those as I haven't played them, but my first bass was an ibanez and I'm pretty glad that I chose that one. If can try them out, then definitely do that first. Everyone's got their own preferences, so you'll need to find one that plays comfortable and sounds good according to your own taste.
Look into the Squier Vintage Modified series, they're awesome basses for the price, especially the 70s Jazz one. Its about 280$ if you have that much, there really is no better deal.

If you don't want to spend that much I'd reccomend a Yamaha beginner (RBX170) bass. Its the bass I started on and played for 3 years and the thing is rock-solid and I've never had a problem with it.
I know it's not on your list but i got a cruiser jazz bass for £120 and it plays really well and sounds really good for the price it cost... i'd suggest that

*EDIT* i've played a squier, didnt like it at all, sounds bad doesnt really feel nice to play and apparently they dont stay in tune that all (thats whatthe guy in the shop told me) also, my friend has a cheap end yamaha, not sure what model (sorry) and he doesnt like it that much, looks nice mind, but doesnt play nicely apparently.

hope this helps at all?
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Yamaha B..something 170 BAD BASS. One of the best entry level bassist in my opion!! But Music Man has the MM3 which is lso asome but that Yamaha is like $170 and is worth SO much more then that!!GREAT BASS check it out!!SCREW SQUIER!!